Tailor made consumer apps

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Tailor made consumer apps

Mobile devices and apps are an indispensable part of our daily lives. Consumers find it extremely important to be connected. For companies a great opportunity to respond to this desire. The most important thing in this process is the end user of the app. Peperzaken develops apps in close consultation with the customer, but also with the end user. Even though this is not obvious, it is essential for the success of the app.


Whether it is a smartphone app, tablet app, iOS or Android app, we aim for quality and success. To ensure success, we have developed a solid process in which we develop apps with constant verification from the end user. We also measure the return on investment (ROI) for your company. 

Are you looking for an app focused on the needs of the end user? Do you want to work with a party who are aiming to develop the best web and mobile apps for your company?

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Framework apps


An app framework enables organizations to develop, with minimal effort, multiple apps with the same goal. The idea is that a number of companies with the same objective share the costs for developing the app, where each individual party retains the ability to customised solutions within the framework.

This provides a financiel benefit. The costs of development are shared with the parties involved, but developing a framework app has more advantages. The preservation of freedom, despite cooperation, is one of those benefits. There is an endless amount of 'standard' app generators that lets you put together an app by using drag & drop. The quality is unfortunately often inadequate and the overall appearance often feels alien to. Do you want to create a framework app that is fully tailored to your unique identity on the desired platform, or want to know more about the solutions we have already achieved?

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Peperzaken is an expert in the field of optimization. Companies can work safer and more efficient by using our apps. We guarantee companies that we can improve their products and services. Curious about our results or do you want to know what Pepzaken can dor for you and your company? Just contact us.