Good mobile apps can only be successful with the right smartphones or tablets.



We know that digitizing workflows is more than just developing a custom app. That is why we can take on the full care during this process. From developing a successful mobile app, to delivering the right tablets, smartphones and all the associated accessories.


By looking at the end user and at the objectives of the project, we can conclude which device is best suited to lead to a successful implementation. In the heavy industries this will often be a tablet. It comes to serious acts and filling in long forms. A smartphone is simply too small and not easy to operate on a drilling rig. We facilitate different Samsung tablets and Apple iPads. Our mobile apps will be tailored to the selected device, in this way we create a customised solution.

Are you wondering which devices we can provide and what kind of tablets or smartphones are the most suitable for your purposes?

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Atex Cases


Because many of our customers use the mobile solutions in exceptional environments, such as drilling platforms and oil plantations, we also supply the right protection for all our devices. This includes specially engraved tablet cases bearing safety messages and logos, as well as cases that are certified to ATEX Zone 1 and 2. This makes it possible to implement our mobile solutions in dangerous situations. Our ATEX cases prevent the tablet against shocks, dust, sand, water and the tablet can be used indoors and outdoors.

Full Cycle


Our mission is to make your work easier and more enjoyable while saving costs. In addition to apps and devices, we facilitate the right protective covers, custom cases with printing and screen protectors. We deliver this with the right installed software, so that you can directly go to work.

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