More efficiency, open communication and safety awareness

Peperzaken increased the safety awareness within the NAM

Peperzaken looked at the safety culture within the NAM. By developing a successful and innovative business-to-employee (B2E) iPad app we strengthened it. What started with 185 executives and administrators, has become a nationwide implementation. The iPad app has over 1300 users.

Safety is one of the most important priorities of the NAM. Many specialists within the NAM work for multiple customers and everyone has to deal with its own safety rules and safety culture. By developing the iPad app we provided a solid and fundamental basis for safety awareness and safety culture within the NAM.

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After three months we did an app review to measure the success of the pilot. Before the app just 45% of the employees knew about notifications and communication issues. After the app was released this increased to 97%. The commitment to the organization is improved and the safety awareness is significantly increased.

Safety awareness39% gestegen
Involvement43% gestegen
Filled in forms380% gestegen
Knowledge of safety situations67% gestegen
Read alert flyers49% gestegen

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