Switching from iOS to Android

Back in 2008, when I joined Peperzaken, I was a true Windows fanboy and Joshua an Apple fan. When Apple presented their legendary keynote, which included the iPhone, I knew I had to switch from Windows to Mac OSX and from Symbian OS to iOS.

Ever since that moment I have been loyal to Apple/iOS. The three words that came, and still come, to my mind when I'm talking about Apple products are: it just works.

Over the past few years I have owned several iMacs and several iPhones, from the 3G to the 4, the 4S, the 5, the 5S and the 6.

Out of all these devices the 4S aged the slowest, which made it the best device I’ve had so far. Although the specs of the 6 and 6S are far better then the 4 and the 4S. The amount my iPhone 6 has degraded from the day I started using it is enormous.

Some of the problems I have with my current iPhone 6:

  • Battery quality/lifespan is unacceptable;

  • The camera has been underperforming in low light setting since the iPhone 6;

  • Screen quality (vivid colors) is better on high-end Android devices;

  • Lack of NFC;

  • Price.

Where, over the past few years, Apple has remained on the same track innovation wise, I feel Android has moved forward. The recent presentation of the iPhone 6S and 6S+ were a disappointment to me.

Besides the iPhone also the Apple Watch isn’t that impressive (hardware wise). I see the Apple Watch as a very expensive marketing campaign to put smartwatches in our daily lives. Paid for by Apple, used as a launchpad by several others like Huawei & Motorola. And with succes. I will get back to that in the next blogpost.

So the time has come for me to say goodbye to my iPhone and to iOS. I’m switching to Android. I’m in the market for the complete Android experience, my setup will include a smart -phone, -watch & -home. My next entry will be about the hardware journey.

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Dirk-Jan Huizingh


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30 Sep 2015