Wait, what, Huawei?

After last years introduction I am now focussed on making the right decision hardware wise.

I am still after a complete Android setup but man, kudos to Microsoft. Their presentation from 2015 totally rocked.

So much credit for the gigantic turn they are making as a company, the new CEO is truly one to remember. The lightning speed at which Microsoft is turning the ship is nothing short of admirable. People regurarly ask me: “What’s up with Microsoft, will they be here in about 5 years?”

I used to doubt myself but since this year I know they will be back. Maybe not with their smartphones, but certainly if we talk about Microsoft's other products. 

Back on topic.

If you follow me on twitter you might have noticed some hints as towards my choices. After careful deliberation I have decided to go with the Huawei Nexus 6P, 64GB, graphite black. I will combine this new device with the also new Huawei Watch.

Wait, what, Huawei?

Yes, Huawei. Huawei is the absolute runner up in the market. A lot of us have Apple, Samsung,  HTC, LG or Sony top of mind but Huawei is the one to watch in 2016. They have the best market understanding as it comes to smart watches. Check out this beauty: http://www.engadget.com/2016/01/05/huawei-watch-jewel-elegant/.

And have also teamed up with Google to build the new generation Nexus (6P).

I have been using this combination for a couple of months now and I have only one issue with it, the quality of phone calls and especially the microphone part of it just sucks. In fact, also where it comes to headphones Apple just dominates with their ear pods.

I love everything about my Nexus 6P, it is fast, has a good batterylife (for now), the screen is gorgeous and I feel enlightened switching from iOS to Android. Android has done some serious catching up.

Data transfer

How hard is it to switch from iOS to Android? This was one of the things I wondered the most. As it turns out it is not that big of a deal, you just have to pay attention when transferring photos from iCloud to Google Drive. The real challenge is whatsapp, it is the only app that does not have transfer service built into it. However, there are some great tutorials out there on how to transfer your app data between platforms. They worked fine for me. Took about 5 hours but then again, I’m kind of a whatsapp addict.

Overall I’m very pleased with my switch to Android, both hardware and software wise it is the perfect fit in my current day to day life. At this point I won’t hesitate to say that my next smartphone will be an Android phone.

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17 Mar 2016