AppStar Friday with Angelien Drienhuizen

At Peperzaken we develop great apps with a dedicated and awesome team. We like to call our employees AppStars. AppStars are great in developing apps. But, what kind of apps do they use and why are these apps so amazing? Are there apps we will never find on their smartphone? In a series of blogs we are going to figure out what makes an app awesome according to the AppStars. Angelien Drienhuizen, our Finance Manager, tells you what you need to know about her favorite apps.


Get rid of your to-do lists, because Trello is your whiteboard with super powers. “During my internship at the Rabobank I was responsible for various events and it was normal for me to place sticky notes on every wall in my office.” Angelien uses Trello especially for her work. “I am now able to see in a simple overview all tasks I have to complete, both short- and longterm.

Trello is easy to use and has a nice and clear interface. “It looks a bit like the interface of Pinterest. You store information and your to-do lists on cards. You can organize those cards in different boards and drag and drop those cards between various boards to see the status of your tasks.” Angelien also likes that you are able to invite people to work together on a task. You can add comments or attach a file to one of your cards.

However, there are some features that can be improved. “If I want to edit one of my cards I have to click on a very tiny vector. You cannot just click on the card because nothing will happen. The edit card option should have broader functionality, now I can only add comments. For example, I would like to be able to add a card, instead of only being able to add a comment to an existing card.

Despite this feedback Trello is the ideal project management app to organize everything. You can download Trello for free on Android and iOS.


The choice of wines is immense and still keeps growing. So how does your typical high heeled country girl find a decent wine these days? Easy, you just use the app Vivino. “This app is lean! Take a picture of the wine label and you instantly receive information about price, rating, food pairing suggestions and reviews.” The success behind Vivino is the huge community of more than 12 million wine lovers. They make sure that you'll get all the information you need. 
You can add friends, it is so much fun getting to know their taste in wine. You will never serve a bad wine to one of your friends again, ever! #pinkypromise

Another feature Angelien likes is that Vivino can track and organize the wines you scan. Vivino then creates a chart showing your most commonly bought from wine regions. “You can easily switch between different charts and expand your knowledge about about the region and the wines they produce.”

Vivino’s basic features (see below) are available for free:

  • check price and information about the wine;

  • see popular wines in your area;

  • save wines to your wish list;

  • add friends and get to know their taste in wine;

  • scan offline.

With a Vivino premium account you also get access to the following features:

  • expert ratings;

  • "personal buying guide";

  • "access your collection any time".

Vivino is available for Android and iOS.


Angelien recently obtained a bachelors degree in communication, on top of that she was also awarded a prestigious honours certificate from the NHL Hogeschool in Leeuwarden. She was ready for a great job, but what sets her apart from other communication students? To help her define her USP’s she used the Talentoday app. Talentoday is a personality test developed by psychologists.

“First you need to set up an account. Talentoday gives you the possibility to connect the app to your LinkedIn or Facebook profile. You have to answer a lot of questions. Talentoday says it takes ten minutes but in practice it will take you twenty minutes to answer all the questions. You choose between two predefined answers per question. On completion the app generates a personality radar, a motivations radar, it generations a so called ‘Talent ID’ and suggests some improvement you can work on to finetune your skills.”

Talentoday gives you insight in your strengths and motivation. The app also gives you information about how you can become more motivated. “You have to do the test once and after that you can always access your Talent ID. The app is very interesting because it gives you insight in your talent and the skills you can improve.”

You can share the results (your radars) on social media. If you have a job interview you can show your future employer your skills and you can be honest about which skills still need some extra attention.

Talentoday is only available for iOS. There is also a web application, which works exactly the same as the app.

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Tjarda Polderman

Marketing Communication Manager

22 Dec 2015